how I style band tees

For this first outfit I paired a men’s band tee with a jean skirt, to give the outfit a casual feminine feel.



joy division tee – had it for years, can’t remember where it’s from

skirt – ltb

shoes – adidas stan smith

For this next outfit I went in a completely different direction. Pairing a Nirvana baseball tee with Nikes for a more sporty and chilled out look.


And, as I’m wearing a baseball tee a baseball cap just felt fitting.



nirvana baseball tee – had it for years, it’s a men’s size small and I’ve cropped it myself

baseball cap – new era

shorts – dr denim, I’ve added the rose patch(from new yorker) myself

shoes – nike air max

For my last outfit I decided to go a bit ‘grungy glam’ I guess you could call it. Ripped jeans, an oversized tee and chunky heels is what it took to create this look.




sunglasses – pieces

kurt cobain tee – stay

jeans – new look

heels – h&m


listening to: the kooks – she moves in her own way

stay rad,



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