#ootd: autumn vibes

I have been so inactive lately, extremely sorry. Honestly haven’t even had time to write, uni has been absolutely insane! I promise that I’ll try to be more active, I really love writing and posting on here.

This is a look from few weeks ago when autumn was in full bloom! Last night we got the first snowfall here in Turku in Finland, so we’re in an autumn-winter transition. I could not wear that outfit now, i’d freeze my ass off.

shoes – h&m

stockings – h&m

leather skirt – h&m

shirt – bikbok

leather jacketnew yorker

choker – h&m

I’m pretty sure you can see a trend going on here, what can I say – I love H&M.

On a more serious note, and completely unrelated to the topic, there was a very serious railway accident near my home town today. A military vehicle was hit by a train and at least 4 people have passed away. Most of the people who died were young men doing their mandatory military service for Finland, these were guys my age. It’s truly shocking, and I’m just relieved that none of my friends in the military were in that truck. Still, several people lost their lives today, young men who still had all their life ahead of them. Take a moment. Appreciate life.

stay rad,


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