noora sætre style steal | skam

I’m about 500 years behind on the SKAM hype, but I did finally get around to watching it a week or so ago (after my roommate forced me, but don’t get me wrong – I’m glad she did). I’ve been planning on making a style steal post for a while, because I personally love taking inspiration from different characters, and even though I’ve got a few other characters up my sleeve who I’d like to do a style steal on as well, starting off with Noora feels like a good choice.

I adore Noora’s style, it’s very simple and practical (and actually something I can wear in the cold!) as well as sophisticated. She has a few staple pieces that make for classy outfits, and can be paired in so many different ways – meaning you don’t need 15 different shirts and 10 pairs of jeans to recreate her look – and then there’s the iconic red lipstick, which is basically the only make up she wears.

In this post I’ve put together 3 different outfits, all of which I’ve actually worn before as I actually owned a lot of these items beforehand – in a way my style had been developing in the direction of Noora’s before I even watched SKAM and got massively inspired by her. As I said earlier, as SKAM takes part in Norway, the outfits are very well tailored for colder weather, meaning if you’re from a country where we actually get proper winters, these can be easily layered and still look super cute. I know this is something I’ve struggled with when I see “winter outfits” in TV shows and just know if I wore anything like that here in Finland I’d freeze my tits off.

outfit 1

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

white shirt – from New Yorker, brand is amisu 

jeans – new look

bralette – h&m

belt – thrifted

lipstick – max factor, color is the marilyn collection sunset red

For this first outfit I’ve drawn inspiration from an outfit I think we see in either episode 1 or 2 in the second season.. it’s a scene where she’s making food and it turns out Eskild has eaten her pasta. A Noora staple is the collared button-up shirt, this one has some cut out detailing on the upper arm which I really like. I would wear this tucked in to the cropped ripped mom jeans, and wear the belt as a little extra detail. We most often see Noora wearing brown belts, but I personally prefer black ones (and this is also the only belt I own). Noora strikes me as a bralette girl, we definitely see her wearing a lacy bra at some point I think – and I just personally love bralettes and basically wear them every day instead of a bra. Then of course, minimal make up and a classic red lip and you’re good to go!

outfit 2


striped shirt – bikbok (this one is actually called “noora”)

jeans – dr denim

lacy bra – h&m

lip stain – isadora lip desire in 64 true red

One of the most iconic looks Noora wears is the striped button-up shirt, we see it in the scene where William is texting her in the common room trying to convince her through Vilde to go to a party or something? I really should have searched up the specific episodes.. Anyway, I would pair this with a pair of basic black high-waisted skinny jeans. Even though that is a pair of pants we never see Noora wear, I don’t think it’s a shot too far to pair the top with them. You could also add a belt to this outfit if you wanted to. Underneath I would wear a blush-coloured soft lacy bra, as it definitely feels like  something Noora would wear (plus it’s super comfortable) – and once again the red lip makes an appearance. I love this lip stain as it really is the perfect classic red colour.

outfit 3

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

white chunky sweater – bikbok

same striped shirt – bikbok

mom jeans – bikbok

belt – thrifted

bralette – h&m

Okay so I just realised that this entire outfit is basically from bikbok, what can I say, I love that store, it really is one of my absolute favourite clothing stores. And I believe it’s Scandinavian as well? Update: googled it and it’s Norwegian – how perfect is that! Anyway, here I have an example of that layering I talked about earlier – using the same shirt from the previous outfit you can layer it with a chunky sweater and pair that with some mom jeans. I would tuck in the sweater at the front a bit, roll up the jeans to make them a bit cropped just because I prefer that look and wear the same bralette for comfort and belt for accessorising. Layering clothes is a serious winter survival tip here in the north and I personally think it’s a very cute look.

I would pair all of these outfits with some basic black booties, the pair I like to wear has a super low heel so they’re still comfortable for every day wear.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from these outfits, like I already said I wear all of these and will probably wear outfit 2 for my lecture tomorrow, which reminds me – I have to get back to reading Frankenstein now as I’m only about 80 pages in and I need to have it read by tomorrow! I hope you liked these, for my next style steal I’m thinking of doing Veronica Lodge from Riverdale because her style is amazing. 

stay rad,


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