summer essentials

Summer is coming to an end, but I figured I’d share some of my summer essentials before we officially move on into autumn – bring on chunky sweaters and colourful leaves!


Okay, let’s start in the top left corner – Nirvana is one of my favourite bands and I’m utterly fascinated by Kurt Cobain and his entire tale. So when I found this book in a thrift store I just had to get it! I’ve only began reading it though, but I’m already loving how the author doesn’t romanticise any of Kurt’s issues or paint him as the victim like many people do.

Next up, my new Vans. I just got them because all my old ones are completely ruined and I feel like everyone just needs a pair of basic canvas sneakers in their life, and to me those will always be Vans. I blame all the pop punk bands who make Vans look like the coolest brand ever.

Then I’ve got L’Oreal’s colorista hair dye, because I decided to get a blue stripe in my hair á la Fiona from Shameless (high five if you know who that is). There was a time when I used to dye my hair crazy colours and I kinda miss that, but I still wanna stay blonde.. when my hair grows a bit I might start doing ombré hair again.

Sunglasses & my favourite choker – very self explanatory. I love sunglasses and I love chokers. Can’t for the life of me remember the brand of either of them though, got them in a small local clothing store.

And finally, cream of the crop, my revamped Dr Denim jean shorts. I got these shorts a month or two back and I love them because they have a very 90s vibe. However, I recently purchased these iron on floral patches from New Yorker and decided I wanted to spruce them up a bit.

listening to: andy black – we don’t have to dance

stay rad,