noora sætre style steal | skam

I’m about 500 years behind on the SKAM hype, but I did finally get around to watching it a week or so ago (after my roommate forced me, but don’t get me wrong – I’m glad she did). I’ve been planning on making a style steal post for a while, because I personally love taking inspiration from different characters, and even though I’ve got a few other characters up my sleeve who I’d like to do a style steal on as well, starting off with Noora feels like a good choice.

I adore Noora’s style, it’s very simple and practical (and actually something I can wear in the cold!) as well as sophisticated. She has a few staple pieces that make for classy outfits, and can be paired in so many different ways – meaning you don’t need 15 different shirts and 10 pairs of jeans to recreate her look – and then there’s the iconic red lipstick, which is basically the only make up she wears.

In this post I’ve put together 3 different outfits, all of which I’ve actually worn before as I actually owned a lot of these items beforehand – in a way my style had been developing in the direction of Noora’s before I even watched SKAM and got massively inspired by her. As I said earlier, as SKAM takes part in Norway, the outfits are very well tailored for colder weather, meaning if you’re from a country where we actually get proper winters, these can be easily layered and still look super cute. I know this is something I’ve struggled with when I see “winter outfits” in TV shows and just know if I wore anything like that here in Finland I’d freeze my tits off.

outfit 1

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

white shirt – from New Yorker, brand is amisu 

jeans – new look

bralette – h&m

belt – thrifted

lipstick – max factor, color is the marilyn collection sunset red

For this first outfit I’ve drawn inspiration from an outfit I think we see in either episode 1 or 2 in the second season.. it’s a scene where she’s making food and it turns out Eskild has eaten her pasta. A Noora staple is the collared button-up shirt, this one has some cut out detailing on the upper arm which I really like. I would wear this tucked in to the cropped ripped mom jeans, and wear the belt as a little extra detail. We most often see Noora wearing brown belts, but I personally prefer black ones (and this is also the only belt I own). Noora strikes me as a bralette girl, we definitely see her wearing a lacy bra at some point I think – and I just personally love bralettes and basically wear them every day instead of a bra. Then of course, minimal make up and a classic red lip and you’re good to go!

outfit 2


striped shirt – bikbok (this one is actually called “noora”)

jeans – dr denim

lacy bra – h&m

lip stain – isadora lip desire in 64 true red

One of the most iconic looks Noora wears is the striped button-up shirt, we see it in the scene where William is texting her in the common room trying to convince her through Vilde to go to a party or something? I really should have searched up the specific episodes.. Anyway, I would pair this with a pair of basic black high-waisted skinny jeans. Even though that is a pair of pants we never see Noora wear, I don’t think it’s a shot too far to pair the top with them. You could also add a belt to this outfit if you wanted to. Underneath I would wear a blush-coloured soft lacy bra, as it definitely feels like  something Noora would wear (plus it’s super comfortable) – and once again the red lip makes an appearance. I love this lip stain as it really is the perfect classic red colour.

outfit 3

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

white chunky sweater – bikbok

same striped shirt – bikbok

mom jeans – bikbok

belt – thrifted

bralette – h&m

Okay so I just realised that this entire outfit is basically from bikbok, what can I say, I love that store, it really is one of my absolute favourite clothing stores. And I believe it’s Scandinavian as well? Update: googled it and it’s Norwegian – how perfect is that! Anyway, here I have an example of that layering I talked about earlier – using the same shirt from the previous outfit you can layer it with a chunky sweater and pair that with some mom jeans. I would tuck in the sweater at the front a bit, roll up the jeans to make them a bit cropped just because I prefer that look and wear the same bralette for comfort and belt for accessorising. Layering clothes is a serious winter survival tip here in the north and I personally think it’s a very cute look.

I would pair all of these outfits with some basic black booties, the pair I like to wear has a super low heel so they’re still comfortable for every day wear.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from these outfits, like I already said I wear all of these and will probably wear outfit 2 for my lecture tomorrow, which reminds me – I have to get back to reading Frankenstein now as I’m only about 80 pages in and I need to have it read by tomorrow! I hope you liked these, for my next style steal I’m thinking of doing Veronica Lodge from Riverdale because her style is amazing. 

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#ootd: autumn vibes

I have been so inactive lately, extremely sorry. Honestly haven’t even had time to write, uni has been absolutely insane! I promise that I’ll try to be more active, I really love writing and posting on here.

This is a look from few weeks ago when autumn was in full bloom! Last night we got the first snowfall here in Turku in Finland, so we’re in an autumn-winter transition. I could not wear that outfit now, i’d freeze my ass off.

shoes – h&m

stockings – h&m

leather skirt – h&m

shirt – bikbok

leather jacketnew yorker

choker – h&m

I’m pretty sure you can see a trend going on here, what can I say – I love H&M.

On a more serious note, and completely unrelated to the topic, there was a very serious railway accident near my home town today. A military vehicle was hit by a train and at least 4 people have passed away. Most of the people who died were young men doing their mandatory military service for Finland, these were guys my age. It’s truly shocking, and I’m just relieved that none of my friends in the military were in that truck. Still, several people lost their lives today, young men who still had all their life ahead of them. Take a moment. Appreciate life.

stay rad,


#ootd: fishnets and converse

At this exact moment I’m sat in a lecture about intercultural communication, what a perfect time to make a blog post, right?

My morning lecture got cancelled today which means I actually had the time to get ready for uni!! Go me!!

Decided to wear a dress (!!) while it’s still warm enough to.

dress – forever 21

fishnets – h&m

shoes – converse

I paired this with a light wash denim jacket from h&m that I was too lazy to put on in the picture.

stay rad,