recent buys: h&m + new yorker

I’m really loving life in a bigger city, being born a small town gal never meant that I was gonna stay one for the rest of my life. One of the perks of living in a big city are all the shopping opportunities – I’m used to only having one clothing store to go to. So, I’ve picked up a few things that I figured I’d show you now.


I got this crocheted mesh top from h&m and I’m so in love. I’ve been looking for a top like this for ages and I finally found one!


The other thing I got from h&m was this Iron Maiden top. Now, I know a lot of people have some strong opinions about stores like h&m or forever 21 carrying band t-shirts, and I definitely understand why. Even though wearing band tees often is a fashion statement as well as a way of showing your love for the band, these stores carrying the tees makes the bands a brand. A lot of people wear the shirts without even knowing the band, which, even though it isn’t a crime is really disappointing when you see someone rocking a tee of a band you like and go up to talk to them about it, only for them to have no idea it even is a band. Personally however, I love the band tees these stores carry as they are more fashion forward than the traditional band tees you would usually buy (and I actually listen to the bands!).


Okay, moving on to new yorker, one of my new favourite stores as it is so affordable #brokeuniversitystudent. I have this top in light grey already and as it is only 3€ I decided to get one in this army green colour as well.


If you know me, you know I love everything cropped, and that includes hoodies. Another item I’d been looking forever for – a tie-up hoodie. It’s super comfy and slouchy and I adore the colour! Plus, as it’s from new yorker it was super cheap as well. Seriously, my top tip to all broke uni students: if you have a new yorker near you – go there. The clothes are super cute and, as I’ve said a thousand times – so fucking affordable. I don’t know how widespread it is though, it’s a German company and we have it here in Finland.


The final thing I got was this backpack. These seem to be all the rage recently and I tried to fight buying one, I really did, but they’re just so convenient.. also this one is cute as fuck and a lot more purple than what the picture shows.


listening to: quiet riot – cum on feel the noize


stay rad,


DIY: cropped levi’s top

Wow, hello blog world. I know, I know, it’s been a while. I started university on Monday and fresher’s has been insane so far! I’ve barely had time to sleep on account of several events, all of which have included alcohol.

Do you ever just get bored of an old t-shirt and kind of feel like you want to spruce it up?

Something I always do and something that is so so simple – I crop them. This gives the item a more flattering look and seriously transforms it! Personally I like to add some rips and holes because I like the look of it.

Here’s the finished product! I chose to cut and rip the hem as I cropped it to not have such a clean cut at the bottom. I created the small rips by pulling at the fabric with scissors – don’t cut actual holes. Instead, drag the scissors across the fabric for a worn down, distressed look.

And finally – how it looks on. I’m super pleased with the result and this literally took me 5 minutes.

stay rad,


my new apartment: details

Yesterday I moved into my very first apartment that I’ll be sharing with one of my best friends. We’ve finally got (almost) everything set up, so I wanted to share some pictures of it with you.


The kitchen, where my favourite thing is stored – coffee.



The dinner table, which I’m currently seated at. I think mixing old chairs with a modern table gives it a really cool look.


And of course, some fake flowers (from IKEA). I’d never be able to keep real plants alive, so luckily these fake ones look really fresh and pretty.


Living room with our balcony in the background.





My favourite thing – the bath. I’ve never had a bath tub in my house, they’re not that common in Finland I think.. so I was really excited to finally have one! I already christened it last night, with an ice cold beer and a good book.


And then there’s my room. I’m so happy with how it turned out, I really feel like it “looks” like me – if that makes sense?






I also have a beautiful view of St Michael’s Church from my bedroom window, the architecture is very gothic (read: creepy old castle vibes) and I love it.

Right now I’m drinking coffee and watching Gilmore Girls, as well as eating a coffee-flavoured yogurt, because you know, you can never have too much coffee.

listening to: all time low – coffee shop soundtrack (one of my all time fave songs)

stay rad,



my new nose piercing

Today I finally got my nose pierced after wanting it done for years.

It was probably the most painful out of all my piercings, but it really didn’t hurt all that much! Right now I should be packing all my clothes as I’m moving tomorrow (yikes) but instead I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

stay rad,


how I style band tees

For this first outfit I paired a men’s band tee with a jean skirt, to give the outfit a casual feminine feel.



joy division tee – had it for years, can’t remember where it’s from

skirt – ltb

shoes – adidas stan smith

For this next outfit I went in a completely different direction. Pairing a Nirvana baseball tee with Nikes for a more sporty and chilled out look.


And, as I’m wearing a baseball tee a baseball cap just felt fitting.



nirvana baseball tee – had it for years, it’s a men’s size small and I’ve cropped it myself

baseball cap – new era

shorts – dr denim, I’ve added the rose patch(from new yorker) myself

shoes – nike air max

For my last outfit I decided to go a bit ‘grungy glam’ I guess you could call it. Ripped jeans, an oversized tee and chunky heels is what it took to create this look.




sunglasses – pieces

kurt cobain tee – stay

jeans – new look

heels – h&m


listening to: the kooks – she moves in her own way

stay rad,



GRWM: night out


makeup & sparkling wine (drank from a white wine glass I’m a rebel)


For tonight’s look I decided to do a golden bronze-y smokey eye, paired with winged liner of course. I created the look using Maybelline’s The Nudes as well as Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky. 


Before I did my hair but after I had some delicious pizza (pizza is life).



And then I actually did my hair, go me! I just curled it using a hair straightener, I love creating these messy beachy waves.


And finally the whole outfit (minus shoes, I decided to just wear my Nike Air Max, because they’re comfy as fuck). We’re going out to celebrate my last weekend in my old hometown, next week I’m moving into my first own apartment and starting university! I’m really excited to start this new chapter of my life!

top – stay (got it in carlings)

jeans – dr denim

shoes – blush/pink nike air max

listening to: sum 41 – fat lip

stay rad,


travel throwback: rhodes

In October 2016 I went to Rhodes. Here’s a lil’ look at the beautiful scenery.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Our hotel was situated right in the heart of Rhodes’ capital, so one day we decided to go to this beautiful beach in a place called Lindos. It was the perfect beach for tourists who just wanted to relax! The water was absolutely stunning (and so warm).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This picture is also from Lindos, there was a narrow pathway connecting two beaches and that’s where this was taken. I want to go back so bad.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

And then I decided to try SUPing – first time for everything. It was super chill and really not that difficult.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We came to Lindos on this huge tourist boat, and this was basically our view when we got there. I love the white houses.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This picture was taken on the boat, we stopped in this random spot and you got to jump in the water off the boat and go for a swim!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A panorama of where we stopped, you can see people swimming in the water. I’m not the best swimmer and the ocean was really really deep but I still jumped in.


This was outside of McDonald’s.. #mcdonaldsfreewifiourlordandsaviour. No but really, this was the first time I had bubble tea and it was delicious.


And then I found two friends somewhere in the middle of Rhodes’ town.

I’ve got so many more pictures from this trip, and I want to travel again so bad! I don’t have any decent pictures of Rhodes’ Old Town, but it was absolutely stunning, so if you ever find yourself in Rhodes I recommend you go there!

For my next post I was thinking about showing you how I style band tees, just need to find time to get decent pictures of the outfits in between work and moving!

listening to: wheatus – teenage dirtbag


stay rad,